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Submission Guidelines

The aim of the digital newspaper is to help support reformatory & analytical writings to the audience. All type of writings should carry following guidelines:

  1. The name of author with proper introduction.
  2. A headline that uses an imagination, rhyme or reference.
  3. Introductory lines which give a bit more information about what the article is about?
  4. An introductory paragraph that may contain the 5 Ws (what, when, who, why & where ).
  5. Proper construction of the argument.
  6. Direct and reported speech.
  7. Formal, simple but grammatically correct language whether in English or Urdu.
  8. A concluding paragraph to explain what might happen next with certain recommendations.
  9. An article should have words between 850 to 980.
  10. A video analysis should have proper analysis & recommendations on the subject.