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16th December; Nation will Never forget APS Martyrs

The day shall always remain in the country's collective conscience, and people will never forget the great sacrifice of the children.
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The world is full of grief and tragedies. Then, there are tragedies horrifyingly heartbreaking. The tragedy of APS is agonisingly excruciating. On 16th December 2014, the militants stormed into the Army Public School and martyred nearly 150 people, including 132 children. The horrific incident is one of the most tragic incidents in the history of Pakistan. It rendered the whole nation with heartache and mourning. The unfortunate parents of the victims bore the immense pain of unimaginable horror and suffering. They are still running from pillar to post for justice for the bloodshed. The incident jolted the whole nation and the structures of power.
Consequently, it generated a national debate on formulating the National Action Plan to quell terrorism in the country. Finally, the government and the political parties were able to develop a consensus to quash terrorism in the country. The incident followed military operations against the terrorist’s hideouts and proved effective and terminating. Thus, the sacrifice of innocent children forced the confused state machinery to uproot terrorism in the country.

Pakistan faced terrorism due to a complex and confusing ideological narrative. The menace of terrorism seems to be in control after the massive sacrifice of the nation. Yet, complex and intricate issues are still involved, and there is a potential threat of terrorism. 16th December reminds the nation of the most heartbreaking tragedy when innocent students were mercilessly killed at the dwelling of their studies. It was a day when the heartless enemy committed an act of barbarism and savagery against defenceless schoolboys. The nation can not forget the agony of this day.

The nation owes to the sacrifice of 150 people, including 132 children martyred in the line of duty and obligation. It reminds us that the peace in the country is due to the extraordinary and exceptional sacrifices of the nation. The incident also developed psychological disorders among the surviving children, who were rehabilitated through rigorous dedication and hard work. The country’s children also went through psychological trauma, and the incident has become part of the nation’s collective memory. However, the whole nation, especially the children, faced the trauma with courage, intrepidity and patience. The day shall always remain in the country’s collective conscience, and people will never forget the great sacrifice of the children of Peshawar.

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