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A personal letter for the Failed CSS aspirants

Civil service examination 2023
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Shahidullah Shahid

In the aftermath of the recent CSS result, I deem it a paramount obligation on my shoulders to stand up to heal your wounds and ease your tension amid this moment of unprecedented grief and pain. Thus, I am stepping forward to trigger your shattered confidence at this critical juncture. Those who could not make it to the written list of Qualifiers should not lose hope. You are still the winner. You are a thousand times better than those who did not compete and appear in the said exam. Never, never give up. I pay a glowing tribute and incredible honour to your sincere efforts and healthy competition. You deserve to be admired for your successful or unsuccessful attempts.

        By hook or crook, you should surrender yourselves completely before the will of Allah Almighty. Have firm faith in him. You should start believing in destiny because man proposes, and God disposes. Allah has far better plans for you than you can't even imagine. His decision carries the utmost significance. He knows all that which we do not know. He is omnipotent and omniscient. He sees and observes what is present behind the curtain.

    It is high time to undergo hope, express optimism, avoid pessimism, practice patience, exercise utmost restraint and resolve to achieve your envisaged goal in life. Those -amongst you- who have any attempt/s in their hand should try again with more zeal and enthusiasm. Stand like a brave lion, not the wounded lion/tiger. Likewise, those who do not have any other attempt at CSS at their disposal should search and explore new avenues. Many glaring and beautiful opportunities are bound to knock on your door. Try your level best to seize them at the earliest. Sure, success is waiting for you in the times ahead. Remember, the sky is the limit. 

    It is worth mentioning that CSS/PMS is not the end of life. Please don't make it a matter of life and death. Life is quite vast. It is the name of consistent struggle and achievement. Remember! Failures are pillars of success in life.

   It is high time to demonstrate your sound character and tremendous courage. Those not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. Moreover, honest introspection on your part regarding the CSS exam - primarily written assessment- is also the need of the hour.

       Though a little effort, I consider it a public service to motivate all the unsuccessful brothers and sisters in this moment of trouble. Time and again, I -myself - have been a victim of such tragic circumstances amidst CSS/PMS results. Given this tiresome and strenuous journey, I stand by you through thick and thin. You all are intelligent and competent candidates. Just wait for your turn. May Allah Almighty sail your boat on the beach of success in the forthcoming examinations. Fingers crossed and vice-versa.

Please consider these quotes;

(1) I shall prepare; my chance will come one day(Abraham Lincoln)
(2) Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.
(Ernest Hemingway).
(3) If winter comes, can spring be far behind(P. B. Shelley)
(4) Champions are not the ones who always win races. Champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time(Simon Sinek)

Lastly, I will expound that it is merely a division of labour. Therefore, there is no superior or inferior labour. Public service, including civil service, has merits and a few demerits. It is not the end of the world. It is still a job. Let me attribute an incident of Nawab of Kala Bagh! He was the most potent governor of Punjab and the sixties, alongside a Nawab of the area. Once, his mother asked him about the illustrious pomp and show of his lifestyle by asking, is there a person above you? The Nawab replied; yes, there is only one person above me, and that is the president of Pakistan, Mr Ayub khan. Then, her mother replied; wat tu vi naukar ei hueya ( It means that you are still a servant).

It proves that it is merely a job. Then, every glittering thing is not gold. The professions of farming, entrepreneurship, and private business are far superior to the jobs including civil service. Therefore, if you qualify, face the challenge; if you don’t qualify, chill and do your private work with dedication and hard work. The sky is the limit.

The writer is a civil servant from KPK

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