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Came like a storm and leaving like a wind: Gen Faiz is set to retire early

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Mudasar Changwani

Currently serving as Corps Commander Bahawalpur, Lieutenant General Faiz is all set to retire early.

The story of Gen Faiz’s early retirement has been reported by Ansar Abbasi, investigation reporter at The News International. While citing confidential sources, close to the general, it has been put forward that the general may seek retirement in written from the coming Monday, Nov 28, 2022.

General Faiz was among the six generals being considered for the posts of Joint Chief of Staff Committee and Chief of Army Staff.

The decision to leave early, Gen Faiz isn’t the first to take it: in fact, a day ago Lt Gen Azhar Abbas has already made his intention of retiring early known.

Before placed at the helm of Bahalwapur Corps, General Faiz was serving at the key strategic position of the Corps Commander, Peshawar. However, his career was steered to its peak between 2019 to 2021, when he served as the country spy master (DG ISI).

During his role as the DG ISI, Gen Faiz enjoyed an all powerful status in the country, generally because of his closeness to the former premier Imran Khan. Though both have lost the previously-held prestigious power, yet Gen Fiaz continue to be regarded as Imran Khan’s ‘blue-eyed boy’.

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