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Chairman PTI Writes a letter to Supreme Commander of Armed Forces

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Chairman PTI , Imran Khan writes a letter to President of Pakistan requesting him to live up to the expectations of law and constitution.

The letter adds “The nation looks to its president to protect the people of Pakistan from such foreign conspiracies. I call upon you to live up to this trust.”

“You have in your possession a copy of the cipher sent by the then ambassador of Pakistan to the USA containing a summary of an official meeting held in the Pakistan Embassy between Donald Lu, assistant secretary of state, along with another US official and a note taker and our ambassador along with a note taker and other diplomats of the mission,”

“My plea before you is that given the grave nature of this threat to democracy in Pakistan through an externally-engineered regime change conspiracy, as head of the state of Pakistan and commander in chief of the armed forces, it is incumbent upon you to take action and order a public inquiry into this threat to Pakistan’s democracy and sovereignty,”

“Right now the silence from the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the presidency are creating a sense of betrayal and helplessness amongst the people of Pakistan,”

The complete letter is as under.

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