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China reports 8,838 new COVID cases for Dec 11 vs 10,815 a day earlier

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SHANGHAI: China reported 8,838 new COVID-19 infections for December 11, of which 2,240 were symptomatic and 6,598 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Monday.

That is compared with 10,815 new cases a day earlier – 2,338 symptomatic and 8,477 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately. Excluding imported infections, China reported 8,626 new local cases, of which 2,171 were symptomatic and 6,455 were asymptomatic, down from 10,597 a day earlier.

There were no deaths, same as the previous day, keeping fatalities at 5,235. As of December 11, mainland China had confirmed 365,312 cases with symptoms.

China’s capital Beijing reported 528 symptomatic and 609 asymptomatic cases, compared with 784 symptomatic and 877 asymptomatic cases the previous day, local government data showed.

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