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Climate Change

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Though a lot has been said about the brutality being unleashed by the severe climatic conditions, yet very little has been known about the exact economic losses suffered due to global warming. A recent study, however, presents an eye-opening account to gauge the severity of the global warming. According to the research, published in the Science Advances journal, human-induced climatic meltdown has imposed a heavy cost of almost $16 to the humanity since the 1990s. The study shows
that heatwaves are culminating into staggering rate of economic losses to agriculture, infrastructure, health, productivity, and other areas of importance.

However ironic it may seem, the research boldly interprets the unjustifiable nature of this climatic catastrophe: the global South is suffering more losses and pains even though it contributes far little in terms of increasing global warming.

While underlining the horrible economic impacts of the global warming, Justin Mankin, the senior author of the study, gives a cautious note for the global academia, leaders, and researchers. “We have been underestimating the true economic costs we have suffered because
of global warming so far” said Mankin, “and we are likely underestimating the costs going out into the future”. As the Pakistanis this year
footed the heavy global economic bill at the hands of heatwaves, therefore, they, of all people, can understand how much serious the problem of global warming is. The humanity must unite together to curb the malice that is increasing global warming.

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