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Constitutional Timelines of Electioneering are Vital for Political Stability and Economic Growth

Political stability is a vital factor for economic revival. Therefore, implementing of constitutional timelines for elections are critical.
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Political stability is vital for the progress and prosperity of any country. The political commitment of political parties is critical in this regard. Democracy is a way of political life. Therefore, all parties and democratic culture should be based on political principles. Opposition in the political culture is an essential part of democracy. However, it should not be converted into enmity, as is the case in Pakistan. Then, politics is an art of possibilities. Tenure of assemblies is critical, and even more critical is the mandate of a political party. Why is political stability vital to a country? The fundamental reason is that it will lead to economic prosperity and development of the country. It is consensus among various political parties that political instability is harming the country’s economic interests. Measures are needed to strengthen the country’s economy to provide maximum relief to the masses.

Therefore, it is in the great interest of Pakistan that all political parties must find a way forward from political stagnation. There are two primary challenges to it. One is the tenure completion of the parliament, and the other is holding provincial elections of dissolved KPK and Punjab assemblies. The best way to deal with the crisis is by implementing the constitution. First, the provincial assemblies should be elected, and then, the parliament should complete a tenure of five years. However, Some political leaders are trying to create chaos and anarchy in the country to take political benefit. However, in the country’s more considerable interest, such attitudes should be shunned. All political parties and national institutions should focus on developing consensus as Pakistan is passing through a critical juncture in its march toward the future.

The nation anxiously watches its leaders as Pakistan passes through a challenging phase. There is an urgent need to create political stability in the country to improve the economy and resolve the people’s problems. The country right now needs stability, and delay in any elections shall lead to political chaos. Furthermore, elections are significant; however, holding transparent and clean elections is even more vital. There are rumours that elections may be held outside of constitutional timelines. This is a bad omen if it happens. The implementation of the constitution is the vital interest of a state. Pakistan cannot bear the brunt of political instability and the non-implementing of the constitution. Hence, it is urgent that the constitutional frame lines of elections must be implemented. Lastly, politicians should play a vital role in ensuring the constitutional implementation of the framework and developing political consensus for political stability, as the latter is critical for economic growth and development.

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