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Election Commission Clarifies: Omar Hamid Khan on Medical Leave, No Impact on February Elections

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Concerns surrounding Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Secretary Omar Hamid Khan’s health and its potential impact on the upcoming February 8th general elections were swiftly addressed on Sunday. The ECP issued a statement assuring the public that Khan was on “medical rest” but the Commission remained “fully functional.”

Media reports speculating about Khan’s possible resignation due to ill health had stirred anxieties about timely elections. The ECP’s press release, however, dismissed these concerns, praising Khan as a conscientious and diligent officer. While acknowledging his current health struggles and prior periods of medical leave, the statement emphasized that Khan “will soon perform his official duties if his health permits.”

Furthermore, the ECP categorically dismissed any doubts about its functionality. It highlighted its continued operations even on holidays, with two special secretaries ably handling Khan’s responsibilities in his absence. This message of reassurance was further amplified by caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi, who shared the ECP’s statement on social media and urged people to disregard rumors. He underscored that Khan’s recovery was paramount, but the election commission was operating seamlessly and no crisis existed.

This prompt clarification from the ECP and Minister Solangi serves to quell any anxieties surrounding the upcoming elections. It assures the public that the crucial electoral process remains uneffected by Khan’s medical leave, and that the February 8th elections will proceed as planned, guided by a capable and dedicated commission.

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