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Former PM starts much hyped long march

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Amid vociferous party workers, IK has started his much-awaited long march. The march is considered one of the most important political bets of IK’s political career. The said march is an expression of the political assemblage of PTI that can certainly result in political advantage if succeeds. It is also the test of the political capacity of the PTI that is often criticized for the mismanagement of the larger crowds and organizational skills.

However, the social army of PTI remains the fundamental disseminating force of the PTI narrative amid electronic boycott & is pivotal for the success of PTI projections. In addition to pulling up larger crowds, Khan’s speeches shall set the tone for the political mileage coming forth in his way. Is it for democracy or power? let’s wait and see! However, one thing is very much clear it will strengthen the political organization of the said party and will result in increasing the soaring popularity of PTI.

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