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Importance of Skills Learning and Pakistan’s Education System

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Saqlain Raza

The issue of dwarfism in education and the urgent need for a shift towards skilled learning is a pressing matter. In Huxley’s world, mental illness is not about physical ailments but about a pleasure-seeking psyche. This abstract construct, a self-constructed model of amusement and a binary of superficial sociological perspectives is pervasive. It hampers the development of a robust model of intellect. Self-amusement is rampant, and a self-constructed binary of notions and emotions prevails, hindering the growth of intellect. Under this model, the lack of intellect is widespread, and dwarfism has become the norm in learning.

Meanwhile, it has distorted the common mechanism of learning and created a new model of over-socialized minds with superficial ways of understanding. Over socialization & education Postmodernism, which has blurred the lines of truth and post-truth on a particular empirically constituted binary of knowledge, has over-socialized the masses between the monopoly of truth and post-truth. Under this monopoly of the post-truth model, narratives are commercialized, and dissent is commercialized and disseminated on commercialized aspects. The most prominent Victim of this commercialization is the education as a whole. Since education has been commercialized by institutions on their capitalistic foundations, the rare essence of learning died under this model. The capitalist educational model not only produced an overproduction of graduates but also alleviated the quality of learning in critical thinking, critical learning, and innovative learning. The new markets are full of quantitative graduates with a quality education model. Innovation becomes stagnant under this haphazard model. Whether the opportunities become rare or quality, it seems there is more of a shortage of quality than opportunities. The buzzword of skill & education Skill has become a compulsion of the modern world, but without defining the scope of skill, it is incomplete to understand the skill. If a skill is meant to be a learning phase while facing a postgraduate crisis, it can be called a rescue mechanism, not a skill. If skill is meant to be a random choice of interest while at a dearth of opportunities and Privilidge, then it is a unidirectional model of Privilidge, not skill. Skill is meant to be an embodied phenomenon while Knowing and utilizing the potential since inception in a particular direction while creating a par to that naturally blessed potential.

Unfortunately, today, most quantitative educational institutions are limited to significant buildings, a particular number of facilities and faculties, and unskilled graduates. This model of education from top to bottom is a Victim of dwarfism in all aspects and in all regards. Can this model of dwarfism generate the potential at any level none? Reimagining education, skill & scope of intellect: There is a need for a clear mechanism of re-imagination in the scope of education, skill and intelligence. Suppose this model of education, which is based upon a false binary of intellect, superficial binary of knowledge and stagnant window of learning, is meant to be an education. In that case, it needs a complete overhaul. If this Postgraduation assessment model of potential detection postgraduation Crisis of skill acquiring is a skill, then it needs a complete change. Suppose this Post-truth model of intellect utility, which is based upon the foundations of being a commercialized commodity, is meant to be intelligence. In that case, it needs to be reimagined at every level.

Education can be reimagined by reimagining educational institutions and their existing model of education. From primary to higher education, a clear mechanism of qualitative learning and qualitative assessment based upon true potential utilization is needed to be implemented. Skill is meant to be an innovation of blessed potential at the right time. Utilization of blessed potential as a right commodity. Implementation of naturally acquired immunity for more competitive survival of the fittest race. This model of skill can only nurture productivity at the right time of implementation and the right time for level utility. Intellect is not meant to be a commercialized commodity or materiality but a lonely planet of idealism, rationality, and the use of cognition in sequenced manners. Under this commercialized model of education, the scope of intelligence needs to be reimagined while creating a par with productivity.

Reimagining the market-based educational dynamics. As a hub of competition, the market is good for economic management but bad for education when it comes to quantity. Under the layers of quantity generation, it lags behind quality. Capitalist educational institutions are rightly functional on the foundations of class Perks and Privilege and class-specific stratification. Under this class, an imbalanced enigma has risen in the formation of education as a commodity of corporations. Education as a corporation competed on aspects of quantity and lag to quality. More and more educational institutions are being formed as a result of corporate competition, where buildings are now in abundance and faculties are in some big numbers, but real education is missing somewhere.

On the other side, the formal educational sector is based upon a narrow margin of privilege and narrow margins of access. The rational choice model at micro and macro levels can address this curve of both informal and formal mechanics of education. At the micro level, quality can be addressed by utilizing a communitarian approach to education. This approach can be rightly addressed through the NGO’s model of education, through which slum-level talent can be channelled by the NGO’s assessment, which both formal and informal corporations lead. At the macro level, there needs to be a pragmatic shift in an existing model of graduate production. In the existing factory model, the production of graduate intellectual stagnation is obvious.

At the macro level, there needs to be a special carder’s creation of institutions from a generalist approach to a specialist approach. The special subject’s excellence can be created by creating special carders in institutions’ special assessment-based groups. Revising the existing model of examination boards of higher educational institutions, which are highly competent and effective but lack modern ethics of examination. By creating special carders for higher-level examination centres, they can ensure efficiency, efficacy, and quality. Career counselling carders at both micro and macro levels can generate quality-building skills, channelling the skill at the right time with the right potential for quality-building. There should be a special capacity-building carder that can address the micro and macro challenges of education for the generation of quality into market competition, which can be laced with skill, education, or intellect.

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