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Imran in Rawalpindi for ‘climax’ of long march

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Venue for today’s public gathering shifted from Faizabad to Rehmanabad. Supporters have begun converging on Rawalpindi, says Asad Umar. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah tells Imran to postpone long march, return to parliament for sake of Pakistan’s progress; warns of possible terror threat the stated purpose of march is to force govt to announce early elections and PTI chief Imran Khan has said the nation stands at a “defining point” and “crossroads” with two paths before it. Addressing the charged crowd in Rehmanabad, he said one path was one of blessings and greatness while the other path was of humiliation and destruction.

The PTI chief will also rejoin the major rally in his first public appearance since an assassination attempt earlier this month, when he sustained bullet wounds after his long march was attacked near Wazirabad city of Punjab. Since then, he has been addressing the crowds via video link before he halted the “Haqeeqi Azadi” march till November 26.

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