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Iran Hits Baluch Militants In Pakistan: International Media Reports

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According to International and Iranian media, two Pakistani bases of a Baluchi group were targeted by missiles and drones on Tuesday, following a similar attack on alleged ‘terror’ sites in Iraq and Syria the day before.

Iranian state media did not explicitly confirm that Iran was behind the strikes, but they were the first to report them.

The group that was attacked, Jaish al-Adl, or the “Army of Justice,” is a Sunni group that was established in 2012 and operates mainly in Pakistan. They have been involved in bombings and kidnappings of Iranian border guards in the past, as claimed by Iran.

Iranian state media said that the bases were “hit and destroyed by missiles and drones,” without giving more details. The state-owned IRNA news agency and state television reported that missiles and drones were used in the attack, which Pakistan did not immediately confirm.

Iran has clashed with the extremists in the border areas before, but launching a missile-and-drone attack on Pakistan would be a new escalation for Iran.

The attack came a day after Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired missiles at targets in Iraq and Syria, claiming that they were aiming at an Israeli “spy center” but drawing criticism from Iraqi Kurdish leaders who said that the missile strike killed a prominent and wealthy member of their community.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and regime officials in Tehran celebrated the attack on Tuesday and also revealed that they had launched ballistic missiles at northern Syria, their farthest-range attack so far. They said that they had hit ISIS bases, where Afghan Islamic State fighters were being trained.

The Afghan ISIS had taken credit for a double suicide bombing in Iran on January 13 that killed almost 100 people.

Apart from Irani version, the attacks are an attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan, if reports are genuine. It is highly irresponsible action by Irani Government and they might see the full force reaction from Pakistan, a country with atomic power and a very strong army.

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