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Is Pakistan replicating 1992 world cup?

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Pakistan has once again done it against all odds and reached into the semi final.

Batting first, Bangladesh set a target of 128 for Pakistan to chase. Pakistani batting order, slowly but surely, achieved the target in 19th over with 11 balls remaining. Earlier, Shaheen Shah afridi set the tone for the match by clinching 4 wickets while Shadab Khan grabbed 2 wickets.

Chasing down the target, all batters chipped in and achieved the target well before 20 overs. Muhammad Rizwan and Muhammad Haris scored 32 and 31 respectively. Pakistan played some better cricket in the early part of the tournament. Matches against India and Zimbabwe were lost out of unfortunate luck. However, since then, Pakistan played a better cricket and make it through to the semi final.

Is Australia a happy hunting cricket country for Pakistan in world cups? Back in 1992, Pakistan was almost down and out but some how, it qualified for the semifinal and eventually won it. This time around in twenty cricket world cup, Pakistan was also down and out seemingly yet with sheer luck at its side, it once again qualified for the semifinal. Can history repeat itself again! Lets see

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