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Is PTI Social Media Army Invincible?

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Arguably, the answer may be in affirmation despite all journalistic standards.

Whenever the former Prime minister Imran Khan or the PTI is on a slippery road, the PTI social media army rescues khan and the party. The social media army volunteers are young, educated, and politically motivated. Thus, there is something distinctive about the PTI social media army. Though the other political parties and state organizations have tried hard to backtrack the former Prime Minister and PTI, yet the social media army is giving all of them an impressive rout. They just wash off the opposition’s whole narrative in hours. This unprecedented strength has defeated the state’s capacity to control the descriptions and narratives. Almost all political parties’ media wings, even collectively, cannot compete in the narrative wrangling exacted by PTI social media army.
In recent months, PTI has been through a challenging phase. However, against the enormity of the challenge, second-tier leadership and other affiliated organizations could not match the enormity of the challenge, yet it was the social media of the party which not only tackled the onslaught but also re-shaped the whole political narrative. Imran Khan, the social media army, overseas Pakistanis and grassroots supporters are the genuine cult of PTI. The conventional segment of the Party has yet to amalgamate so far in the orientation of the PTI.

PTI’s social media army is a linchpin between IK and its supporters. It shapes and encounters the narrative. Recent mammoth political rallies are the offshoot of the PTI social media army. It seems they have a compelling connection with their support base that a little social media campaign by them is sufficient to mobilize the supporters. Even now, it is further penetrating into the electioneering structures. Nevertheless, It is also becoming instrumental in rallying the constituency voters to vote for PTI. The message and articulation of IK are disseminated in a matter of minutes. They have made electronic and print media redundant. The social media army of PTI poses a serious challenge to all other political parties.

Nevertheless, PTI’s second-tier and conventional leadership always lag behind to the challenge. Historically, they remain more interested in gains than in delivering promises. Critically, they need capacity and orientation; therefore, only a few are performing under government portfolios. On occasions, the conventional politicians of PTI do not perform up to the mark, yet the social media army of the PTI re-compensates and builds the narrative seemingly.

Arguably, Chairman PTI might give more preference to these volunteers who, through thick and thin, shape the oriental success of the Party. The elevation of Dr. Arsalan as a Provincial Minister may be a right step in the right direction. This so-called merit-based growth will empower PTI youth and create an ideological base for the Party in power politics. Party may consider providing more electioneering opportunities to social media workers. They seem to be the tangible asset of the Party. Conventional politicians might resist the absorption, but the most visible face of PTI is PTI’s social media army of volunteers.

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