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Is the Politics of Imran Khan Invincible?

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The former Prime Minister was at the lowest ebb of popularity during his tenure as the country’s chief executive. Critics cite it as the failure of governance and service delivery. However, supporters refer to low performance as the enormous challenges covering Coronana and the subsequent international recession. Irrespective of the merit of the argument, the federal government showed better performance indicators but the provincial governments, especially the Punjab government, proved ineffective and inefficient. Many cite it owing to the non-existent leadership role of Usman Bazdar, the then Chief Minister of Punjab.

Under a conducive political environment, Pakistan Democratic Alliance, PDM organized a regime change on 9th April 2022. Many attributes the regime change was not an independent political process but a process by hidden and unhidden forces commonly associated with the politics in Pakistan. However, PDM and its allies successfully ensured the regime change operation.

PDM organized the regime change befittingly because the former PM was highly disfavored by the people, as PTI was also receiving thumping defeats in the bye-elections. Then, in the aftermath of the regime change, the politics of the former PM rose from the ashes of regime change to the heights of political ascendency. IK successfully weaved the narrative of a foreign conspiracy, and people wholeheartedly received it.

The political power of Ik has three fundamentals. The aura and personality of Imran Khan still represent charisma and cult. Then, a robust social media army of the PTI is always ready to take on electronic and print media. Overseas Pakistanis are the third fundamental of the party who fund the party and provide a robust presence on social media, especially to counter influential and powerful people.

The political might of IK also has three dimensions:

  1. It can arrange mammoth crowds and also sustain them.
  2. It is now a potent electioneering force ensuring landslide victories lately.
  3. It rigorously manoeuvres and reshapes the political narrative and ferociously encounters opposing narratives.

Strictly in line with the objective approach, the social media strength of PTI is unmatched. Never in Pakistan’s political history has any political leader challenged the status quo as the IK has, and it is only because of the social media army of PTI.

However, the primary question remains unanswered. Will the former Prime Minister cross the rubicon on 26th November 2022? 

Will IK be able to break the status quo? Will he bring the Pindi close to his political will? Will he be able to play a role in the appointment of the new COAS?

Will he be able to ensure early elections?

This last phase will only determine the political invincibility of the former prime minister and PTI. Nevertheless, even if he is vincible, he is still a political force to reckon with.

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