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JUNEJO and the Evolution of Vlogging in Pakistan!

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By Muhammad Zunair

Although I am a huge JUNEJO fanboy yet I will try my best to refrain from the subjective perspective as Irfan Junejo doesn’t need any kind of opinionated or biased introduction. For all those who don’t know Junejo, well, that’s a pity because in the last couple of years, Junejo has not only revitalized the digital medium but has also given ‘birth’ to the trend of vlogging in Pakistan. Ever since the introduction of the phase, SCNZ KUCH AISE HAIN, hundreds of Pakistani YouTubers have opted this path and thousands of youngsters have started their YouTube channels to follow the footsteps of our very own Casey Neistat. Juenjo has contributed to such an extent that it can be said that Irfan Junejo is the pioneer of vlogging in Pakistan and rightly deserves the credit for giving a completely distinctive outlook to the genre of vlogging.    

Here it is important to mention that I am not undermining the contributions of other vloggers and YouTubers as several other content creators including the very likes of MoorooKashan from The IdiotzUkhanoShehzad Show and Momina Munir have also played their part in the evolution of the vlogging-culture in Pakistan. 

I started watching Junejo in the August of 2017 when Mooroo and Junejo collaborated with Furor to create such an amazing travelogue that the bits of that travelogue are still fresh in my mind. The experience of that video made me an instant fan and since then I have not missed even a single video of Junejo. I was quite fascinated to see another Pakistani doing daily vlogs, sharing his daily routine and telling his stories. The best thing about Junejo was relatability, there wasn’t any element of pretence and his stories were not fabricated as Junejo was not only unique in his style, he was also quite good at narrating his stories. Also, Junejo made it look quite easy for others to start doing their own vlogs and today, there are so many great vloggers in Pakistan, mainly because of Junejo, that it is quite difficult to list them.

Furthermore, of all the things I like about him, his NOT COMING SLOW attitude has impressed me the most. Junejo neither took the easy route nor he played safe, he was adamant to take risks, experiment different styles and above all, Junejo showed perseverance and consistency. (Yes! Junejo used to upload on a more regular basis back in the day :P) Junejo’s self-belief didn’t only inspire the  content creators but it also influenced his viewers. Junejo’s persistent struggle led him to his first collaboration with Nokia and this collaboration paved path for him to meet his football idols. From there onward, Junejo didn’t slow down as in the coming months, he collaborated with several other brands, finally made a commercial for Honor and recently, Junejo had collaborated with Emirates. WOT IZ! 

To conclude, Junejo deserves all the recognition not only for his achievements but also for acting as gateway for other content creators in Pakistan. One can differ but in my opinion, Junejo was the torchbearer who contributed the most in the evolution of vlogging in Pakistan. KIYA KEH RAHY HO LARKY!

P.S: I am a huge fan of MoorooShehzad Malik and Momina Munir and respect their contributions as well. 🙂


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