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National pastime

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Written by: Dr. Muhammad Kaleem

We have often heard about national dress, national anthem, national animal, etc. What is this national pastime?

I want to draw the reader’s attention to the national pastime which is disappearing in front of our eyes till today. Not only that, the famous writer and scholar have also put it on odd women. When this poor thing was continuously working on the dimensions of its holy land, it was felt that this nation has a hobby and that is food.

Pay off debts
Taking bribes
Eat food

And frequent meals. Here our topic is only the third apart from the first two and that is food. You will say that every human being eats food and there are different types of food from east to west. What happened that eating has become our national pastime?

You have rightly said that everyone eats food, but in our country food is always well organized and there is a condition that the food should be decorated with meat. What is food without meat? It is animal food. As humans and Muslims, we are required to eat meat.

The first preference is for small meat, if not, domestic chickens, if they are not available due to some ugliness, then large meat and broiler chickens can be used. If you look at the history of your country, it is full of different types of dishes and cuisines. During the Mughal era, a king’s meal included forty to fifty meals. Times have changed but even today our present nobles and rulers cook ten to fifteen meals at a time. Dishes less than these are against their glory.

All kinds of entertainment are banned in our country because it leads to rejection of Islam. The only fun girl is eating together (don’t take it for any other meaning). We just mean eating food. It may not even be banned. Because then there is a fear that our clerics and scholars will also be closed. With some life events we throw some more light on the importance of food and it will also make you realize how much our nation is obsessed with food. A close friend of ours says.

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The other name of life is just table. Their morning is on the table and the night is also here. Sometimes, ten times a day, the table is resplendent. He says that refusing someone’s invitation to eat hurts the other person’s heart and they do not like it at all. Sometimes you finish one meal and at the same time go to another, we have never seen their faces still. It feels like a cow is always mooing but they say that the real beauty of life is in the movement of the mouth.

Listen to another friend’s story. On the occasion of marriage, we have a big celebration. As soon as the food is served, people get hungry and the first thing many want to do is pile up the herbs on their plate. Our friend believes that he always succeeds in this endeavour. Even if they don’t get married while being successful, which often happens, but they say that they have sewn some special clothes for marriage which do not get stained. With this eating habit of our nation, the livelihood of semi-wise people is increasing. You may have heard it often.

Stomach, Liver healthy person

So bhai choran etc. are combined with these sages which heal the stomach and prepare it for more food. But if our hobby was only to eat, we would have been ahead, but our nation is ahead in consuming everything, even if it is not the right of others.

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