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NATO authorizes Ukraine to use long-range rockets and missiles against Russia

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In a dangerous situation, NATO countries, including the United States, authorized Ukraine to use long-range rockets and missiles it supplied to strike deep into Russian territory. This will significantly change the nature of the conflict. Although it was always perceived to be a proxy war between NATO and Russia, arms supplies and military assistance from the West could always be classified as defensive in nature. Now, with sanctions lifted, and US-made weapons being used to attack Russian cities such as Belgorod, the extent of active warfare between the two sides has narrowed even further.

Putin is clear about what such a move would mean – urging NATO not to play with fire and reminding them that there is a nuclear parity between the two. The reality is that the world has reached a stage where threats of nuclear attacks are being made without comment. There must be a way back from this cliff.

Putin also reminded the U.S. that if it remains adamant about arming and training Ukraine, Russia may begin supplying its adversaries in unspecified regions of the world with high-tech weapons. Russia’s arsenal of hypersonic missiles and cruise missiles has the potential to complicate already ongoing conflicts in Africa, the Red Sea and Palestine. If Hezbollah on Israel’s northern borders, which is already inflicting heavy losses on the IDF using outdated technology, were to be supplied with modern weapons by the Russian military, it would certainly be a threat to the region. It will cause a big conflict.

Ukraine is losing territory and manpower at an alarming rate. The West should try to negotiate peace instead of dragging Ukraine into uncontrollable tension for no purpose.

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