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PAC demands report on solar panels gifted by China for Gwadar

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ISLAMABAD: The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament has demanded a report from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs regarding solar panels provided by China for Gwadar, according to Private news agency.

During a session chaired by Noor Alam Khan, the PAC reviewed audit objections for the year 2021-22 related to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. The session discussed the solar panels gifted by China to the people of the port city of Gwadar.

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Noor Alam expressed concerns that some parties were attempting to undermine Gwadar and create a rift with friendly countries.

“The PAC should be informed about those who have been given the solar panels,” he stated. “We want the delivery of solar panels to the people of Gwadar.”

If the solar panels have been given to a politician, an inquiry should be conducted, and the report should be submitted to the committee, the PAC chairman added.

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