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Pakistani security forces gunned down militants in Bannu

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Pakistani security forces gunned down all militants in an operation aimed at freeing hostages in the #Bannu. Terrorists, who have taken control of the CTD centre, have been eliminated. The operation was conducted by the SSG commandos & all hostages were reportedly recovered.

SSG’s Zarrar Company (CTU) raided the CTD facility and completed the operation within 15 minutes. During the operation, multiple militants were tracked and killed. All hostages were successfully rescued. However, the following soldiers sustained injuries.

Wounded: 1. Maj Abid 2. N/Sub Zafar Yar 3. L/Hav Raheem 4. L/nk Irfan 5. Sep Shahid 6. Sep Abdul Qayyum 7. Sep Sufyan Clearance Operation is now being conducted around the CTD facility.

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