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Pakistan’s Military Leadership Denies Election Interference and Vows to Uphold Democracy

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Pakistan’s military high command recently held a meeting (263rd Corps Commanders’ Conference) where they addressed several key issues. A central point of discussion was the accusation of military interference in the recent general elections (February 8th, 2024).

The military leadership strongly refuted these claims, emphasizing their role in providing a secure environment for the elections. They expressed disappointment that certain political parties and social media were spreading “unsubstantiated allegations” aimed at “maligning the armed forces.” The military’s media wing (ISPR) statement criticized these actions, highlighting that the focus should be on national issues such as governance and economic recovery, not creating instability. The military leadership emphasized their commitment to democratic processes and expressed satisfaction with the peaceful transfer of power at both the federal and provincial levels. They believe democratic consolidation is crucial for Pakistan’s future. The ISPR statement also commended the role of civilian authorities, law enforcement, and security forces in ensuring a smooth election.

Another topic addressed was the violence that erupted on May 9th. The military vowed to bring those responsible for the attacks on military installations and desecration of martyrs’ monuments to justice. They condemned attempts to distort the narrative and spread misinformation about the events. The military urges citizens to remain united and positive in the face of such efforts.

The conference also addressed foreign policy issues. The military leadership expressed concerns about the ongoing situation in Kashmir and Gaza. They condemned human rights violations by India in Kashmir and pledged continued political, diplomatic, and moral support to the Kashmiri people. They also expressed solidarity with the Palestinians and condemned the violence in Gaza. The statement reiterated Pakistan’s unwavering support for a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian issue.

On the domestic security front, the military leadership vowed to continue fighting terrorism with full force. They demonstrated their commitment to working with the government to address various challenges, including illegal activities such as smuggling, hoarding, and electricity theft. The Chief of Army Staff directed field commanders to maintain high standards of professionalism and operational readiness.

In conclusion, Pakistan’s military leadership has reaffirmed its commitment to democracy, upholding the constitution, and ensuring national security. They have denied allegations of election interference and pledged to work with the government on various national issues. The conference also addressed foreign policy concerns regarding Kashmir and Gaza.

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