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PTI Stages Nationwide Protests, Clashes Erupt in Lahore

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) called for nationwide protests on Saturday, alleging widespread electoral fraud during the February 8th general elections. The protests turned tense in Lahore, where clashes with law enforcement led to arrests of several PTI leaders and supporters.

Demanding Justice and Transparency:

Across Pakistan, PTI supporters, including the Insaf Lawyers Forum (ILF), gathered to protest alleged electoral violations. In Lahore, a significant police presence met them at GPO Chowk, with water cannons at the ready. Despite this, tensions rose, prompting law enforcement to use batons to disperse PTI loyalists chanting in support of party chairman Imran Khan. Several prominent figures, including Mian Shehzad Farooq, Hafiz Zeeshan, and former Secretary Aftab Bajwa, were detained during the clashes.

Protesters demanded justice and a transparent investigation into the elections. Many expressed doubts about the election’s integrity and called for the release of detained PTI members, including Imran Khan.

Nationwide Discontent and Accusations:

Similar protests unfolded elsewhere in Lahore, including gatherings led by PTI legislator Ali Imtiaz Waraich and demonstrations in Shahdara and outside the city’s Commissioner’s Office. These protests mirrored the national sentiment of discontent with the alleged electoral irregularities.

A PTI spokesperson strongly condemned the government and law enforcement for obstructing the constitutional right to peaceful protest. The spokesperson accused the administration of fearing an illegitimate mandate and resorting to unconstitutional means to suppress dissent.

Upholding Democracy and the Right to Protest:

The spokesperson emphasized the public’s refusal to accept a fraudulent outcome based on manipulated electoral forms and underlined the importance of democracy in Pakistan’s future. They demanded the public’s right to influence governance through peaceful protest.

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