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PTI to Contest as Independents: Barrister Gohar

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The Supreme Court’s decision came on Saturday when it allowed the appeal of the ECP, which had declared the PTI’s intra-party elections invalid and unlawful. The court said that the PTI had violated its own constitution and the ECP’s rules. The court also said that the PTI had not submitted the required documents and details of its intra-party elections, such as the list of candidates, voters, and results.
The PTI lawyers have expressed their disappointment and dismay over the Supreme Court’s verdict, and said that the candidates will now contest the polls as independents. They have also said that the party has devised a strategy to deal with the situation, and asked the party’s huge voter base to not lose hope.

Barrister Ali Zafar, a prominent member of the PTI legal team, said that the party will continue to fight the election with full force, despite losing its electoral symbol of the bat. He said that the party is still registered and the court has not stopped its candidates from contesting the polls.
He also said that the PTI has more than 100 million voters, and none of them objected to the intra-party elections. He said that the only people who challenged the intra-party elections were those who were not part of the party. He said that none of the 14 petitioners who filed the case against the PTI were party members.

Furthermore, Barrister Gohar Khan said that the PTI will suffer a loss of all reserved seats in the parliament, as it will not qualify for any reserved seats in the national or provincial assembly. He said that this would affect the representation of women and minorities in the parliament. Then, he also reiterated his resolve to contest elections as an independent.

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