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‘PTI trying to get Pakistan’s GSP+ status revoked.’

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Information Minister Attaullah Tarar on Wednesday alleged that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was conspiring to revoke Pakistan’s generalized system of preferences (GSP) Plus status granted by the European Union.

The GSP+ is a special incentive arrangement to promote good governance and sustainable development by facilitating trade.

Pakistan was granted the status in 2014 and extended until 2027. The country enjoys duty-free or minimum duty on exports to the European market.

Speaking to media persons in Islamabad, Tarar said: “PTI spokespersons are getting instructions from jail to harm Pakistan, and a conspiracy is being hatched so that the country’s GSP+ status is withdrawn.”

“PTI has used the [lack of] facilities being provided to PTI founder [Imran Khan] in jail as an excuse to attack Pakistan’s GSP+ status,” claimed the information minister.

He said that PTI was conspiring against Pakistan by creating a false narrative, adding that the party was making attempts to put the country’s economy at stake through a campaign based on lies.

Tarar claimed that Khan was getting “luxurious facilities” in jail which are not available to any other person in prison.

He added, “The PTI founder has been provided with a kitchen, an additional room, a gallery to walk in, and exercise equipment.”

He further said that Khan was allowed to hold hundreds of meetings during his imprisonment, claiming that he was allowed to meet four days a week.

According to the prison manual, “every prisoner is only allowed to meet once in jail,” he said.

He said that the meetings in jail were banned on reports of terrorism near Adiala jail, and these claims about the PTI founder not being provided facilities were baseless.

Tarar said that the Punjab government should conduct a security audit, and the jail authorities should ensure the security of all prisoners, including the PTI founder.

The minister said that “a few elements were harming the country for political purposes, and they tried to lead the country to default.”

“A political party does not see the national interest nor does it care about economic recovery,” said Tarar, adding that PTI made a heinous conspiracy by writing a letter to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Regarding the current situation, Tarar said Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif holds three to four meetings on the country’s economy daily. “The premier is working to end inflation and unemployment,” he said.

Tarar reiterated that the PM was working day and night to improve the economy.

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