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Reforming the syllabus of Competitive Exams

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Pakistan is a coded society. Substantive & procedural law is always in writing. This makes the governance complicated & laborious. Therefore, apparently, no logic is behind the syllabus of Competitive Exams. The requirements of civil services are entirely opposite to existing syllabus. This is beyond comprehension that English essay & precis writing are the skills to be a civil servant. More, how can elective subjects make a better civil servant? What’s this memorizing & cramming of general knowledge?
One can easily gauge the irrelevance of the syllabus . Hence, it is an English cramming Reforming the syllabus of Competitive Exams.
examination depending solely on writing skills & that too has nothing to do with the Civil Service requirements. Existing syllabus should be replaced with coded law of the existing public structures along side governmental departments & bodies.
Syllabus for competitive exams may be consisted of these subjects : 1. Constitution of Pakistan 2. Art of legislation, rules making & policy 3. Public law 4. Admin law 5. Implementation law 6. Admin procedural Law 7. Public finance 8. Administration of projects 9. Criminal & Civil Law 10. Federal & Provincial rules of business 11. Administration of emergencies 12. Human Resource Management
If students creatively learn these subjects, it will make them better civil servants. Exams must develop specialized skills among students. Exams should be followed by a practical psychological test strictly corroborating civil service skills. Last but not the least, a demonstrative interview should be the Hallmark of the process. English writing & interpretation is not the civil service.

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