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Regime Change was a US inspired Conspiracy: Shireen Mazari

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PTI stalwart insists that the evidence is available to prove an international conspiracy hatched against the government of PTI. She stated the position of PTI in response to the speech of the Chief of Army Staff.

She said the evidence of a conspiracy being developed began much earlier when US NSA in early June 2021 stated that discussions were nearing agreement on US drone bases between US & Pakistan militaries. Then came PM IK’s famous Absolutely Not statement & which was the PTI govt position on handling over the bases.

So after that, who was still negotiating with the US on bases, as CNN reported on 23 Oct 2021? She further said that follow-up meetings were also carried out to oust the former prime minister. She insisted that the regime change was carried out owing to the pressure of the Unisted States of America.

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