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Republic Policy Rejects the Survey Results with More Than 200 NA & PA Seats being Manipulated

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The Republic Policy organization recently conducted a comprehensive survey across 859 national and provincial assembly constituencies in Pakistan. This survey provides valuable insights into the country’s political dynamics, especially in the lead-up to the crucial 2024 elections.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

  1. PPP Dominates Sindh in NA Seats:
    • According to the Republic Policy survey, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has a strong foothold in Sindh, securing a significant number of National Assembly (NA) seats.
    • This dominance reflects the party’s historical influence in the province and its ability to mobilize voters.
  2. PTI’s Stronghold in KPK:
    • The survey reveals that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) dominates the 45 NA seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).
    • PTI’s popularity in KPK has been evident in previous elections as well, and this survey reaffirms its position.
  3. PML-N’s Seat Range:
    • The survey does not directly reject the election results but provides an alternative perspective.
    • It suggests that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) may have secured between 18 to 23 seats based on Form 45 data.
    • Form 45 contains information about the vote count at each polling station, and discrepancies in this data can impact seat allocation.
  4. Manipulation in Karachi and Balochistan:
    • The survey hints at manipulation in the Karachi elections, which is a significant concern given the city’s political importance and diversity.
    • Similarly, Balochistan also faces allegations of electoral irregularities, affecting the overall fairness of the process.
  5. Stolen PTI Seats:
    • The survey raises questions about the legitimacy of some PTI seats, suggesting that up to 60 NA seats may have been stolen.
    • Such allegations undermine the credibility of the electoral process and erode public trust.
  6. Historical Rigging:
    • The survey’s findings lead to the assertion that these elections are perhaps the most rigged in the history of Pakistan.
    • Rigging not only distorts outcomes but also damages the democratic fabric of the nation.

Importance of Free and Fair Elections

Now, let’s emphasize the importance of free and fair elections for Pakistan:

  1. Democratic Legitimacy:
    • Free and fair elections provide a legitimate mandate to elected representatives.
    • When citizens participate without fear or coercion, their chosen leaders gain the authority to govern.
  2. Accountability and Transparency:
    • Elections hold politicians accountable for their promises and actions.
    • Transparent processes ensure that citizens can scrutinize their representatives’ performance.
  3. Stability and Trust:
    • Rigging undermines political stability and erodes public trust.
    • Fair elections contribute to a stable environment, attracting investment and fostering economic growth.
  4. Inclusivity and Representation:
    • Fair elections allow diverse voices to be heard.
    • Every vote matters, ensuring representation for all segments of society.

In conclusion, the Republic Policy survey sheds light on critical aspects of Pakistan’s electoral landscape. While allegations of rigging persist, the nation must prioritize free and fair elections to strengthen its democratic foundations and build a prosperous future.

In post election scenario, there are wider claims by each political party about the national and provincial assembly seats. Our coordinators have gathered data and also talked with the candidates of other political parties to seek the actual position of seats. From Peshawar to Karachi to Quetta, there are clear signs of rigging and manipulation. For example, Islam Abad, has three constituencies, and all three of them have been won by PMLN and one Independent. The evidence clearly suggests that PTI can not lose the elections here. Likewise, in Rawalpindi division, it is manipulated. In Lahore, the constituency no 128 is clearly having a rigged form 45 and 47. Likewise, Yasmin Rashid is winning against Nawaz Sharif in NA 130. In Karachi also, the MQM, which is at third and fourth position at a number of constituencies, has won against the consolidation of form 45.

Republic Policy will publish a detailed report on it in a week time.

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