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Sikhs launch Campaign In Melbourne ‘Haryana Banay Ga Khalistan’

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The pro-Khalistan group, Sikhs For Justice, has launched Khalistan Referendum Campaign in Melbourne, Australia.
Sikhs living in Australia have been asked to vote on January 29 next year for the Haryana Banay Ga Khalistan cause.
Several hundred Sikh youths holding Khalistan flags, wearing ‘Shaheed Bhindranwale T-Shirts’ and raising “Haryana Banay Ga Khalistan” slogans are out for January 29 voting in Melbourne.
Khalistan Referendum Voting Centre in Melbourne has been dedicated to Shaheed Satwant Singh and Shaheed Kehar Singh, the assassins of Indira Gandhi, who were hanged on January 6, 1989, in Tihar Jail Delhi.
The Sikhs for Justice has released a map of the areas, including the Union Territory Chandigarh and states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Sikh populated regions in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, earmarked for Khalistan.

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