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The Importance of Nuclear Energy Summit and the Participation of FM Dar

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The First Nuclear Energy Summit held in Brussels, Belgium, on March 21, 2024, was a pivotal event for Pakistan and its Foreign Minister, Mohammad Ishaq Dar. During the summit, the Foreign Minister showcased Pakistan’s remarkable achievements in peaceful nuclear technology, particularly in electricity generation, and underscored the crucial role of nuclear energy in addressing climate change challenges.

The Foreign Minister’s appeal for intensified international cooperation, technical assistance, and financial support from multilateral financial institutions is crucial to ensuring energy security in developing countries. Pakistan is eager to share its experience and knowledge in civilian nuclear technology with other countries, particularly developing states, underlining the urgent need for collective action.

In his meeting with the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Foreign Minister emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to increasing its share of nuclear energy in the energy mix. He highlighted the importance of technical cooperation from the Agency in achieving this goal. Pakistan is also a significant contributor to the IAEA, and the Foreign Minister urged international financial institutions and banks to support nuclear energy projects in developing countries.

The Foreign Minister’s bilateral meetings with representatives from China, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and the UAE were crucial and fruitful in exploring new avenues of cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations. These meetings not only demonstrated Pakistan’s willingness to work with other countries towards a common goal but also paved the way for promising future collaborations.

The summit, co-hosted by the Prime Minister of Belgium and the Director General of the IAEA, was an excellent opportunity for world leaders to discuss nuclear energy, reducing fossil fuel usage, and boosting economic development. Pakistan’s participation in the summit further strengthened its engagement with the IAEA in the field of nuclear science, applications, and power.

Concludingly, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister’s participation in the First Nuclear Energy Summit was crucial in highlighting Pakistan’s achievements in peaceful nuclear technology, promoting the importance of nuclear energy in addressing climate change, and calling for enhanced international cooperation and support. Pakistan is committed to sharing its knowledge and experience with other countries and working together towards a common goal.

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