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The Operation ” True Promise ” and the Relations between Iran and Israel

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The recent conflict between Israel and Iran has resulted in a stern and lethal response from Iran. The Islamic Republic nullified the myth of the Iron Dome by flying ballistic missiles, UAVs, and cruise missiles from all corners of its proxies in the region towards Israel. This military tactic was carried out in response to Israeli aggression on an Iranian mission in Damascus, and it has effectively proved Iran’s might and influence. As a result, Israel found itself in an existential crisis and sought advice from its allies in Washington, London, and Paris.

President Joseph Biden offered valuable advice to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him to climb down the ladder and avoid war. Israel’s baffling arithmetic confirms that it cannot go on to fight a war with Iran, especially with a dozen or so proxies actively armed against it and the Arab states swearing neutrality in case of a duel. Thus, a realistic way out for the Zion leadership is to trade land with Palestinians and wave an olive branch to the Muslim world.

Iran’s operation ‘True Promise’ was on the cards, but the world was unsure about its modus operandi. Tehran stressed the “moral and political” aspects of waging war, making it clear to its neighbours and the UN that it has every right to retaliate, and it will do so by exercising its suzerainty. After firing the artillery, Iran declared that the deed had been accomplished and delivered a shut-up call to Israel by saying it was square one.

The recent events have resulted in war hysteria being heard at world fora, and Israel remains clueless yet in contemplating a befitting response to Iran’s actions. While Tel Aviv claims that most of the flying-in sorties were foiled, it is nonetheless struggling to find a way out. The recent conflict has proved that Iran has the capability to pose a significant threat to Israel, and it would be in Israel’s best interest to avoid any further escalation.

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