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What will be the Fate of the Allegations of Liaqat Chatha on the Rigged Elections of Rawalpindi Division?

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Former commissioner of Rawalpindi, a saga that began with a bang and concluded with a whimper. This high-stakes drama unfolded against the backdrop of electoral fraud on a grand scale, and the protagonist, who had seemingly staked his own neck, ultimately confessed to deception.
The former commissioner’s confession made just two days after the alleged electoral cheating, sent shockwaves through the political landscape. His admission revealed a web of intrigue, confusion, and chaos, leaving more questions than answers. The timing of this revelation, coinciding with stalled coalition government negotiations, further fueled speculation. Was it a calculated move to disrupt the delicate balance of power negotiations?

As the dust settled, the drama took an unexpected turn. The PPP and PML-N, sensing potential compromise to the entire election process, swiftly finalized their deal before midnight, defusing the crisis. Yet, the former commissioner’s fate remains pivotal. If he vanishes into obscurity like many before him, suspicions will linger. However, should he face consequences for his actions—both real and imagined—the narrative will shift.
Transparency becomes paramount. The absence of information about his current whereabouts, the catalyst for his change of heart, and even the authenticity of his confession adds to the confusion. Authorities investigating this bizarre episode must shed light on the truth. Was he a mere pawn manipulated by the so-called establishment, or did he actively participate in an orchestrated effort to sabotage the election? Only transparency can untangle this web of intrigue and chaos, revealing whether Chattha’s confessions hold any grain of truth.

The nation awaits answers, hoping that justice prevails over secrecy and that the truth emerges from the shadows. The fate of Chatha—the man who confessed—will determine whether this saga ends as a footnote or a pivotal chapter in Pakistan’s political history. However, allegations made by a senior civil servant who manages the electoral administration in the Rawalpindi division must be investigated, and the truth must come to the surface.

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