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Will Long March Win early Elections for IK?

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The former Prime Minister and PTI have been waging a hard-fought political battle for the holding of early elections. Earlier, the PDM alliance successfully negotiated the vote of no confidence in the Parliament. There is a constitutional process to oust the prime minister through a vote of no confidence. The PDM applied the process to oust the former prime minister. Can the former prime minister ensure a vote of no confidence against the incumbent prime minister?

Prime minister Shahbaz Sharif and PDM are safely placed in the parliament as far as counting of parliamentary members is concerned. The former prime minister and PTI cannot initiate the process of a vote of no confidence as they are not even in the parliament.

It is a very interesting proposition now. Can IK and PTI force out the present government through the mammoth crowd? The answer may not be affirmative. Nevertheless, the pressure of the people might lead to the holding of early elections. However, early elections are not in the favor of PDM. Their primary objective is to linger on the government as much as possible.

The crowd will matter. Let’s see how it unfolds! It requires extraordinary performance by the former prime minister and the organization of PTI to assemble a mammoth crowd.

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