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World Children’s Day

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World Children’s day is celebrated on November 20 every year to promote and protect children’s rights worldwide.
This year, the theme of World Children’s Day 2022 is very apt, which states ” Inclusion for every Child”. From climate change, education and mental health to ending racism and discrimination, children and Young people are raising their voices on the issues that matter to their generation and calling for adults to create a better future.

Pakistan is facing severe challenges in nourishing and developing the growth of children. Providing qualitative health facilities is the biggest challenge for society and the state. Then, education is so significant that it feeds not only the material needs but also the imaginative needs. Pakistan has the most crucial challenge: nearly twenty-five million children are out of school. Children’s food security is also very critical for their physical and mental health. Stunting growth has been the fundamental challenge in the regime of food security.

It is the marginal part of society where children face discrimination and abuse. The state and society must protect children. Pakistan needs commanding legislation and implementing mechanisms to ensure the rights of children. Children are the commonwealth of the state and society. Public and private partnerships are critical for the objectives of the rights of children.

Investment in the children shall ensure a healthy and vibrant youth. It is society’s responsibility to provide a conducive environment where the faculties of children grow to the level of self-realization. The challenge is gigantic, and only the prioritization by the state and society can make the rights of children not only protected but also developed.

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