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Affan Waheed, Sonya Hussyn to star in film based on Pakistani nuclear scientist

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The upcoming film Rafi – The Untold Story is set to feature the captivating duo of Affan Waheed and Sonya Hussyn, two renowned stars in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Both Waheed and Hussyn are known for their exceptional talent and magnetic on-screen presence. 

Directed by Kamran Faiq, this highly anticipated real-life drama based on a true story promises to leave a mark on cinema-goers and has already piqued the interest of devoted fans. The film is reportedly a biopic on renowned Pakistani nuclear physicist, Dr Rafi Muhammad Chaudhry. 

Speaking exclusively to Republic policy, Waheed said, “The film is about Dr. Rafi. I’m not sure how much can we spill but it’s a period film set in the 1940s. The languages used are Rangri, Urdu, and English. It’ll be aiming at how a Muslim scientist carved his niche in times of chaos and uncertainty.”

Born on July 1, 1903, the scientist was a prominent Pakistani nuclear physicist and professor of particle physics at Government College University, widely known as R. M. Chaudhry. His teachings and guidance in modern physics inspired many of his students to pursue careers in physics, and he is regarded as one of the key pioneers of experimental nuclear physics research in Pakistan. 

Alongside Pakistan’s Nobel Prize laureate, Abdus Salam and Ishrat Hussain Usmani, he played a vital role in the establishment of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons research program in the 1970s. Dr Samar Mubarakmand, one of his students, later referred to Chaudhry as “the true father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program”.

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