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Aima Baig dresses up as k-pop girl, receives backlash

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Aima Baig is an expert of pulling off unusual looks and always looks effortlessly beautiful. 

However, her k-pop girl look did not go too well and she was trolled heavily under comments section of her Instagram post.

Aima took to her Instagram and uploaded cute pictures of herself dressed up in all black with hint of colors like green and yellow, bob cut straight hair and pouting, pulling off a k-pop girl look. She looked adorable and celebrities like Azekah Daniel and Nomi Ansari appreciated it.

Aima was under heavy criticism due to cheating allegations previously. She had a relationship with Shehbaz Shigri which they both called off with mutual understanding but later a fiasco was created because of a British model and his beau. However, Aima only once gave her stance over the whole situations and continued to concentrate on making music. 

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