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Arab American Support for Biden Plummets Amid Gaza War, New Poll Shows

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A recent poll conducted by the Arab American Institute (AAI) has revealed a significant decline in support for President Joe Biden among Arab American voters in crucial swing states following the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The poll indicated that Biden’s support among Arab Americans is now just under 20 per cent, a sharp decline from the nearly 60 per cent support he received in the 2020 US presidential election.

The president of the AAI, James Zogby, highlighted that Arab Americans are deeply affected by the events in Gaza, with many expressing enduring frustration and anger over the situation. Despite efforts to emphasize the challenges under the previous administration, voters remain focused on the current crisis.

Biden’s unwavering support for Israel during the Gaza conflict has sparked widespread protests and criticism. Despite mounting concerns over potential repercussions in the upcoming election, the president’s stance on the issue has remained unchanged.

Although the Arab American community represents a relatively small portion of the total population, it remains a pivotal voting bloc in key states that could determine the outcome of the 2024 race. The lack of enthusiasm among Arab American voters, particularly the younger demographic and Democratic Party supporters, poses a significant concern for Biden’s re-election prospects.

The AAI poll surveyed voters from Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, highlighting the significance of these states in the upcoming election. Notably, 40 per cent of respondents expressed minimal enthusiasm about the election, with an even higher percentage among young voters and Democratic Party supporters.

Recent polls have also shown Biden trailing behind his Republican predecessor in key states, with declining support attributed to various factors including the cost of living and the handling of the Gaza conflict.

The AAI’s findings underscore the potential impact of Biden’s policies on his electoral prospects, with a substantial number of Arab American voters expressing that a change in the president’s approach to the Gaza crisis could significantly influence their voting decisions.

Accordingly, the AAI poll serves as a stark warning to President Biden, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the concerns of Arab American voters, particularly in the context of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The poll indicates that a shift in policy regarding the Gaza crisis could potentially sway the support of a significant number of Arab American voters in the upcoming election.

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