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Council of Islamic Ideology

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Part IX of the constitution provides Islamic Provisions. As a citizen, it is essential to comprehend the provisions. Article 227 makes it essential that all existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Holy Quran & Sunnah. Article 228 establishes the Council of Islamic Ideology to assist legislatures and constitutional offices in terms of providing Islamic interpretation of laws. Article 229 ensures that either president or governor can seek an advice from the council regarding the conformity of law according to injunctions of Islam. Article 230 explains the functions of Islamic Council that it shall assist, guide, recommend or refer recommendations on the assimilation of Islamic Injunctions to the law referred.
Article 231 provides rules for procedure of the council. It is pivotal that Islamic Counsel must represent all the sects, schools of thought and distinguished scholars of Islamic Law. The functional organization of the council is in the best interest of law making in Pakistan. All contested bills should be presented before the council so that the standardization process be acquired.
How can the exalted forum like that of Islamic council not functional? Choice of members shall remain the fundamental task. Experts on Islamic philosophy, jurisprudence and Islamic coded law may be appointed as members only.
Forum should not promote agenda or political inclination. Islamic substantive cannons with ever-changing consensuses procedures should be focused on and inherently, the council should be a torch, to be followed by state and society. The consensuses Islamic council is imperative.

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