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Creation of Provincial Police Service PPS is Vital for Policing in a Police: Republic Policy Seminar

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The Republic Policy Think Tank organized a highly informative and insightful seminar on the importance of police reforms and creating a provincial police service (PPS) & district police service (DPS). The seminar was graced by the presence of a diverse range of professionals, each bringing their unique and extensive expertise to the table. This included government officials, legal experts, human rights activists, and lawmakers, all of whom enriched the seminar with their invaluable and profound insights.

The Republic Policy Think Tank had recently conducted a comprehensive and meticulous research study on police reforms, which formed the robust backbone of the seminar. The research, available at, was conducted with utmost care and thoroughness. The findings of this rigorous research underscored the urgent need for a PPS that is in line with the law and constitution. The study’s writer, Mr Tariq Mahmood Awan, presented the research and also shared well-considered recommendations for creating a PPS.

The seminar featured a keynote address from Republic Policy CEO Zafar Iqbal, who discussed the think tank’s various projects and emphasized the importance of devolution and administrative federalism for the creation of a PPS. The event also included contributions from retired government secretaries and Mahindal Pal Singh, the ex-Human Rights Minister, who highlighted the importance of a PPS for police reforms.

MPAs Junaid Safdar PTI Sahi and Ajmal Chanida PMLN were among the lawmakers who discussed the significance of police reforms. Junaid Safdar Sahi also talked about tabling a legislative bill to create the Provincial Police Service PPS. Republic Policy professionals also contributed to the discussion on legal, constitutional, and structural reforms required for the police force to function effectively. Furthermore, other lawmakers and professionals believe that law and order are provincial subjects and that police are the mandate of the provincial Home Department; therefore, creating PPS is vital for policing in a province. 

Mansur Hassan Khan, a renowned writer and lawyer associated with Republic Policy, gave an in-depth analysis of why a PPS is critical for police reforms. His insights were particularly enlightening as he discussed the various legal and administrative challenges that must be addressed to implement a PPS successfully.

Ahmad Iqbal, ex-district chairman Narowal and a provincial lawmaker, highlighted the importance of devolution, decentralization, and local government. Message of Senator Barrister Zamir Ghumro, a staunch supporter of the 18th amendment, was also read about the importance of creating PPS for the audience. 

Finally, the seminar was a comprehensive and informative discussion on the importance of police reforms and the need for a PPS. The president of Republic Policy, Tahir Maqsood Chheena, summed up the seminar by stating that without creating a PPS on the model of the Provincial Management Service (PMS), policing in a province cannot be improved. The Republic Policy Think Tank, with its unwavering commitment, has always been dedicated to conducting research on federalism, governance, reforms, and civil services to bring about positive and lasting change in the country, and the seminar on police reforms was a powerful reflection of this commitment.

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