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Cut in prices of Petrol, Diesel announced

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In a televised address, the finance minister said the prime minister wanted the maxim relief should be provided to the people by passing in a price decrease.
He said the petrol price had been reduced to 214.80 from Rs 224.80 after a decrease of Rs 10 per litre, and high-speed diesel to Rs 227. Eighty from Rs 235.30 after a cut of Rs 7.50 per litre, the Kerosene oil price has been reduced to Rs171.83 from Rs181.83 after a reduction of Rs 10 per litre and light diesel oil new prices will be Rs 169 from Rs 179 after a cut of Rs 10 per litre.
He said from the first October onward total price reduction during the last three was Rs 22.63 in petrol, high-speed diesel Rs 19.63, light-speed diesel prices Rs 28.28 and kerosene oil Rs 30.19.

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  1. اونٹ کے منہ میں زیرہ کے مترادف ھے۔38 روپے کمی تجویز تھی۔کوئ ریلیف نہیں۔

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