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East Pakistan Debacle Was A Political Neglect: COAS Bajwa

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In his Defence Day speech, his last one as army chief, General Bajwa said during the 1971 war, 34000 Pakistani soldiers bravely confronted more than four hundred thousand troops of enemy in East Pakistan so the nation must not forget their sacrifices.

“A nation that forgets its martyrs, disappears from the annals of the history,” said COAS Bajwa.

General Bajwa was of the view that the army was targeted recently by some political forces with a “false and made-up narrative” and the institution, despite being in capacity to respond to it by all manner, stayed calm but “patience has a limit”

He said that he often wondered why Indian army, the one did the most human rights violations in the world has not become a “target of criticism by its people”.

“I came to the conclusion that it is because of army’s involvement in politics. So, in February last year, the institution decided that it will no longer interfere in politics,” said the COAS.

He added that the decision (of not interfering in politics) was also criticised by some unscrupulous elements.

“Everyone has right to criticism, but the language (used) should be careful,” added the COAS.

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