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Establishment Division transfers PSP officers directly from Punjab to the Establishment division. Is it a legal move?

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In a move that has raised eyebrows, top-ranking officers ranging from 18 to 21 Grades of the Police Service of Pakistan serving under the Government of Punjab have been abruptly withdrawn and transferred back to the Establishment Division. The reason for this sudden transfer, which is thought to be a politically motivated move, has not yet been disclosed.

In spite of administrative decision, the decision also lacks the legal competence. The question, how can federal Establishment Division appoint and withdraw federal officers on provincial posts? It also raises pertinent question, why is provincial government not resisting these illegal and unconstitutional orders.?

Pakistan is a federal republic according to the article one of the constitution. The 18th amendment has separated the federal and provincial legislative, executive and financial authority. Therefore, the federal government can not intervene in the matters of provincial governments. Hence, this is a federal intervention in the affairs of the provincial government.

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