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Eva Mendes raises eyebrows with a new look

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Eva Mendes recently stunned fans with her appearance on Today, leaving them completely clueless.

The former actress wore a baby pink dress, topped off with a matching cardigan. She kept her classic honey-blonde hair natural.

This didn’t settle well with her fans, failing to recognize the Hitch actress with her new look.

One fan commented: “Wait, who is this?”

Another user chimed in, “This is not how I remember Eva Mendes. Did I miss something?”

While many questioned the celebrity’s new look, others were stunned by how incredible she looked at 50.

Speaking on the subject, they commented under the TikTok video: “I hope I look this good at 50!!”

Others drew comparisons, finding Eva’s unusual lookalike. Leaving comments about her appearance, they wrote: “Why does Eva look like Raquel Welch?”

While another person added: “I love her!! She looks like Rachel Welch. Wow.”

This comparison might connect to Ryan Gosling’s statement about Raquel Welch, in which he exclusively revealed that the Barbie actor had a crush on the latter.

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