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Famous Anchorperson Mishaal Bukhari Passes Away at 38

Famous Anchorperson Mishal Bukhari passes away due to cancer at 38. She has been battling cancer for the last two years.
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Renowned Pakistani anchor Mishal Bukhari passed away on Tuesday at 38 due to cancer. She has been battling cancer for the last two years.

The announcement was made by Mishal Bukhari’s husband, Ameer Abbas, on Twitter. “My wife, journalist Mishal Bukhari, a beautiful heart, an incomparable personality, an incredibly patient, unbelievably brave woman, left an unbearable shock after fighting cancer for two years.” he wrote.

He added that the late anchorperson’s funeral prayer will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1.00 pm at Jamia Al-Muntazar in Lahore.

It is pertinent to mention that she was among the senior and veteran journalists of Pakistan, an exceptional news anchor, and a TV show host.

She was born on July 8th 1984 in Karachi and started her career as an anchorperson for a private news channel.

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