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Farewell to Fallen Heroes: Russian Soldier Death Toll Rises to New Heights in Ukraine Conflict

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According to Ukrainian data and the UK’s Ministry of Defence, Russian soldiers are dying in Ukraine at a higher rate this month than at any other time since the invasion started. The Ukrainian data shows 824 Russian soldier deaths per day in February, a trend that the UK considers “likely accurate.” This increase in casualties coincides with Ukrainian officials stating that Russia has launched a major offensive, though the secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, also reported that Russia is facing significant difficulties with the campaign. The Ukrainian military has reported 137,780 Russian military deaths since the start of the full-scale invasion.

The recent increase in casualties could be attributed to a range of factors, including a shortage of trained personnel, coordination problems, and resource limitations. The UK’s Ministry of Defence also noted that Ukraine is continuing to suffer a high rate of attrition. The Russian forces have made limited progress in Ukraine since their retreat from the southern city of Kherson last November, but they did capture the town of Soledar north of Bakhmut after an intense battle.

The ongoing fighting in Bakhmut has turned it into a symbolic prize, despite questions about its strategic importance. The head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary force claimed responsibility for the recent offensive in Bakhmut and downplayed the Russian army’s role in the conflict. The statement highlights ongoing tensions between the Russian military and Wagner.

In response to Russia’s expected offensive, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has appealed to Western countries for assistance, including the prompt delivery of heavy weaponry and fighter jets. The US has already agreed to send long-range missiles that would increase Ukraine’s attack range, and President Zelensky has thanked the UK in advance for potentially providing fighter jets.

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