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Farmers are Heroes of the Nation

Farmers are the heroes of the nation. They grow the lands and ensure food security and the economy's growth.
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Historically, the farmers played a pivotal role in the socio-economic fabric of the Indian state and society. Punjab’s land of five rivers was central to the Indus civilization in agriculture and farming. Instead, all tracts adjacent to the mighty Indus were known for fertility and cultivation. Britishers raised the most extensive irrigation system in India. Pakistan inherited a functional and productive agricultural system. Since then, it has been a decay in the agriculture sector due to various administrative, political and population compulsions. The industry lost its competitive edge in the domestic and world markets. The sector needed to incorporate modern, scientific and research-based advancements. Then, the farmers have also been severely exploited. Hence, the farmers are the market’s most exploitative part of the agriculture chain.

Many farmers blamed seed owners, grain elevator operators, land monopolists, commodity futures dealers, mortgage companies, merchants, bankers, and farm equipment manufacturers for their plight. Many attributed their problems to discriminatory cultivation rates, monopoly prices charged for farm machinery and fertilizer, an oppressively high tariff, an unfair tax structure, an inflexible banking system, political corruption, and corporations that bought up vast tracks of land. They considered themselves subservient to the intermediaries who exploit them and create issues even with meagre payments. They criticized a deflationary monetary policy based on the gold standard that benefited bankers and other creditors.

The farmers are the heart and soul of food security. They grow food for the nation and thus are the country’s heroes. Irrespective of their vital role in the economy, the government and administration must prioritize their issues. They require quality seeds, water, ploughing materials, fertilizers and crop management support. The governments have established exuberant agricultural departments for the growth and development of the agriculture sector. However, their administrative role always needs to improve in developing a conducive agricultural environment for the farmers. Their fundamental issue is crop markets. There are no functional crop markets either internally or externally. Therefore, they depend on intermediaries to sell their crops. There is an urgent need to provide and facilitate farmers with the required crop markets where they can sell their produce at better rates. Alongside providing functional markets, assistance in research and agricultural methodology is also critical. Then, the provision of water, fertilizers and other support products is also crucial for farmers and the economy.

Lastly, the farmers represent the food security of the nation. Their growth and accomplishment are the state’s and society’s most vital responsibility.

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