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Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal Accuses Political Party of Misinformation Campaign Against Pakistan-China Relations

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Addressing a press conference at the PMLN central secretariat in Model Town, Federal Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal vehemently accused a political party of engaging in a sustained misinformation campaign aimed at damaging the strong and historic relationship between Pakistan and China.

Expressing his concern, Ahsan Iqbal emphasized that the interests and future of the state should be a common ground, transcending political differences. He condemned the tactics of the political party, alleging that it was putting the state in jeopardy for its own political gain, and engaging in undemocratic and anti-nationalist behavior by targeting state institutions such as the judiciary and the army.

Highlighting the advances in Pakistan-China relations, the minister stated that both countries were making significant strides in the space sector and that China was ready to take the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to new levels, signifying the deepening of strategic relations between the two nations.

Ahsan Iqbal also stressed that policy decisions are made through negotiations between governments and not based on random articles, further emphasizing the trust placed in Pakistan by countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Dismissive of claims of deteriorating relations, the minister stated that recent engagements had actually led to an improvement in Pakistan-China relations, quoting the Chinese president’s desire to deepen strategic ties. He rebuffed allegations of downgraded relations between Beijing and Islamabad as enemy propaganda, assuring that any attempt to undermine the state’s interests would be dealt with firmly.

In a firm warning to the perpetrators, Ahsan Iqbal categorically stated that attempts to politicize the enduring friendship between Pakistan and China would be met with strong measures. Additionally, he urged the political party in question to alter its political approach, as he felt that it was against the principles of effective statecraft.

Moreover, responding to a question about electricity theft in the country, the minister suggested an approach to tackle the issue and emphasized the need for collaborative problem-solving.

In conclusion, Ahsan Iqbal’s statements conveyed strong concern over the attempts to damage Pakistan’s ties with friendly countries and the resolve to protect the state’s interests against such campaigns.

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