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FIA Issues Notices to PTI Leaders Over Controversial Video

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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has escalated its inquiry into the uploading of a contentious video involving Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from the official account of incarcerated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan. This serious development has led to the issuance of notices to three more PTI leaders, following the initial notice served to Imran Khan in connection with the incident.

On May 26, a video was shared from Imran Khan’s social media account, which is managed by his social media team due to his incarceration. This video, featuring a quote attributed to him regarding the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report, has sparked a significant controversy. It implicated General Yahya Khan in the country’s breakup and included images of the current civilian and military leadership, alleging electoral malpractice.

The post sparked widespread backlash, particularly from government circles, who criticized the PTI for promoting a narrative of hatred and incitement by drawing comparisons between Imran Khan and Sheikh Mujib.

The FIA has summoned Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Omar Ayub Khan, PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan, and Raoof Hasan for inquiry on Tuesday at 11 am as part of its investigation into the alleged illegal use of the PTI founder’s official social media account. The FIA contends that the video aimed to incite public agitation against the state and its institutions, potentially leading to public disorder.

PTI leader Ali Muhammad Khan announced that the party’s core committee will convene a meeting to discuss the controversial tweet. He also stated that no posts will be made from the founder’s account without his explicit approval moving forward.

Furthermore, the FIA Cyber Wing has initiated an investigation into the matter. The FIA Cyber Crime Cell team had sought permission from the Judicial Magistrate in Islamabad to question Imran Khan in Adiala Jail, but he declined to respond to their queries without his legal representatives present.

In an interview on Express News’s programme “Centre Stage,” Ali Muhammad Khan emphasized that the current situation does not mirror the events of 1971 and clarified that PTI’s stance on the matter is purely political.

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