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Filmmaker Wim Wenders Praises Brain-Buzzing Power of 3D Format

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Renowned German filmmaker Wim Wenders, whose captivating 3D documentary “Anselm” dazzled audiences at Cannes, has recently voiced his resounding endorsement for the 3D format.

According to Wenders, the mesmerizing realm of 3D captivates the mind in a way that traditional 2D fails to achieve, igniting heightened cognitive activity and fostering profound emotional engagement. He contends that the immersive nature of 3D cinema allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the moment, awakening dormant instincts that lay dormant during conventional film experiences.

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For “Anselm,” Wenders deliberately handpicked the 3D format to unveil the breathtaking vastness and the awe-inspiring intensity of artist Kiefer’s world, thus delivering an unparalleled viewing encounter that enriches the audience’s understanding through an abundance of intricate details.In an interview with Variety, Wenders candidly acknowledged that 3D cinema lays bare any imperfections with greater prominence.

Nevertheless, he cherishes the boundless depth and intricacy it imparts to the artistic realm.”While some films barely activate a flicker of brain activity, leaving you practically comatose, 3D sets your entire mind ablaze, stimulating every facet of your cognitive prowess.”

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