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Government looks to trim expenditures

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The National Frugality Committee (NFC) established by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif — is deliberating various options including decreasing the wages of government staff by 10% across the board, as reported by The Republic Policy on Wednesday.

The suggestions also include cutting down expenses of ministries/divisions by 15%, and reducing the quantity of federal ministers, ministers of state, and consultants from 78 to 30 only while the remaining should work on a voluntary basis.

The recommendations would be finalised today (Wednesday) and the committee will send the report to PM Shehbaz.

“The NFC is proposing to decrease the quantity of ministers, ministers of state, consultants and special assistants to PM to 30 only, while the remaining if required, should not enjoy any resources from the national treasury. They should work on a voluntary basis,” sources confirmed to The News on Tuesday.

The government is finalising recommendations on frugality as it seeks another International Monetary Fund (IMF) tranche but the government is hesitant to implement the conditionalities. This hesitation created a deadlock for the last two and a half months with the IMF.

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